Utah Public Relations Conference: Social Media and Search Marketing

Posted by Pete Codella on March 5th, 2009 – www.petecodella.com

A presentation for the Utah Public Relations Conference presented by the Utah State University Public Relations Student Society of America. read more…


Digital Impact Conference

Posted on www.prsa.org

Digital Impact Conference

Co-represented by PRSA, Cision, LexisNexis and PR Newswire

April 30 – May 1 in New York City

Learn from digital thought leaders how to:

  • Build a business case in the boardroom for public relations-led online communications and ensure ROI for your company from online initiatives.
  • Assess your risk and successfully navigate the often rocky rapids of Web-based communications channels for public relations purposes.
  • Ensure your future in the realm of digital communications.

For more information read more…

Should you turn your Web site over to the people?

Posted by Jay Krall on March 5th, 2009 – www.blog.us.cision.com

Rather than have a corporate site with a look and feel similar to that of thousands of other sites representing big consumer brands, Skittles, working with Agency.com, is directing visitors to its Wikipedia page, Facebook page and a TwitterSearch results page. read more…

Tracking Brands on Twitter to Improve How You Listen and Engage

Posted by Brian Solis on March 6th, 2009 – www.briansolis.com

Electric Artists released a new app that is a real-time listing of the top brands, media, television, entertainment, and celebrities that the team is currently following on Twitter. read more…

Digital PR in a Recession is About Building Relationships

Posted by Lee Odden on March 6th, 2009 – www.mediarelationsblog.com

While marketing budgets are being cut or shifted, many companies are holding on to public relations. Digital public relations savvy agencies are making both traditional media relations, digital media relations and optimized news content work together as part of a Push Pull PR strategy. read more…

11 Ways to Find Brands & Companies on Twitter

Posted by Lee Odden on March 5th, 2009 – www.toprankblog.com

A big question for marketers that want to connect with businesses on Twitter is that they often don’t know where to look. Part of the rub is that Twitter is predominantly a service used by individuals, not companies. read more…

Social Media PR Agencies Ranked by Marketers in New Survey

Posted by Todd Defren on March 3rd, 2009 – www.pr-squared.com

Recently, ZDNet’s Jennifer Leggio conducted a survey whose “main purpose was to determine which PR firms are best attuned to social media and are developing the most beneficial social programs for their clients.” read more…