BusinessWeek: Twitter’s Growing Ecosystem, Twitter sites and apps

Posted by Douglas MacMillan on April 2009 – 

From Twitter browsers to ad networks and multimedia tools, third-party programmers have dreamed up dozens of original ways to experience Twitter—and to make money from it. This Business Weel slide show tunnels through the many layers of the new Twitter ecosystem. read more…


OTR Podcast: Russell Wright on the future of SEO services

Posted by Eric Schwartzman on September 5th, 2008 – &

Russell Wright co-founder of ThemeZoom, an online marketing intelligence platform that takes a radical approach to search engine optimizing online content talks about the future of SEO services.

Wright is better known as “the keyword guy,”

Listen to the podcast here…

Some highlights of this podcast:

  • how to conduct SEO services with little to no budget
  • free tools to monitor web traffic for beginners
  • the most valuable information Google Analytics provides
  • possible vulnerabilities of Google and the engine Cuil
  • the social keywords versus business keywords
  • using keywords in URLs versus using Tinyurls
  • the profitability of online content