Steve Rubel: The End of the Destination Web Era

Posted by Steve Rubel on May 3rd, 2009 –

For the last 15 years marketers have lived like kings online. They built ornate palaces in homage to themselves in the form of web sites and micro sites. Consumers flocked to their sites, reveled in all they had to say, and were motivated enough as a result to buy their stuff. But as Steve Rubel points out, that Destination Web Era is coming to an end. Read more to find out why…


ComputerWorld: Marketing experts don’t ‘get’ Twitter, Facebook, etc

Posted by Lexton Snol on May 15, 2009 –

Two-thirds of marketing experts have admitted that they don’t understand social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook despite agreeing that it is here to stay. Read more…

Convince and Convert: 7 Ways to Use Social Media to Build Stunning Brands

    I wanted to capture and convey the many uses for social media for both businesses and personal growth. Thus, the presentation, “7 Ways to Use Social Media to Build Stunning Business & Personal Brands.” read more…

OTR Podcast: Russell Wright on the future of SEO services

Posted by Eric Schwartzman on September 5th, 2008 – &

Russell Wright co-founder of ThemeZoom, an online marketing intelligence platform that takes a radical approach to search engine optimizing online content talks about the future of SEO services.

Wright is better known as “the keyword guy,”

Listen to the podcast here…

Some highlights of this podcast:

  • how to conduct SEO services with little to no budget
  • free tools to monitor web traffic for beginners
  • the most valuable information Google Analytics provides
  • possible vulnerabilities of Google and the engine Cuil
  • the social keywords versus business keywords
  • using keywords in URLs versus using Tinyurls
  • the profitability of online content


OTR Podcast: Duncan Wardle of Disney, impact of social media on marketing

Posted by Eric Schwartzman on February 17st, 2008 – &

Duncan Wardle of Disney discusses the impact social media has had on marketing Disneyland Resorts in the digital era.

Listen to the podcast here…

Highlights of this podcast:
  • the promotional benefits of podcasting
  • appealing to younger generations impervious to traditional media
  • advice for PR professionals moving into the digital era


Should you turn your Web site over to the people?

Posted by Jay Krall on March 5th, 2009 –

Rather than have a corporate site with a look and feel similar to that of thousands of other sites representing big consumer brands, Skittles, working with, is directing visitors to its Wikipedia page, Facebook page and a TwitterSearch results page. read more…

Tracking Brands on Twitter to Improve How You Listen and Engage

Posted by Brian Solis on March 6th, 2009 –

Electric Artists released a new app that is a real-time listing of the top brands, media, television, entertainment, and celebrities that the team is currently following on Twitter. read more…