Lee Odden: Public Relations Activities That Affect SEO

Posted by Lee Odden on May 1st, 2009 – www.toprankblog.com

In the 2nd part of Lee Odden’s series on SEO for PR, Lee introduces the type of PR content that can be optimized for search engines and what initial steps need to be taken to start SEO. Read more…


Lee Odden: SEO Tactics For PR: If I Could Only Do One Thing…

Posted by Lee Odden on April 30th, 2009 – www.toprankblog.com

In the 1st part of Lee Odden’s series on SEO for PR content, Lee points out that there is no “one thing” that can be done to improve search engine visibility for all websites. However, if he HAD to recommend one thing to improve search engine visibility he describes it in this following article. Read more…

Lee Odden: Top Ten SEO Tips for PR Professionals

Posted by Lee Odden on April 29th, 2009 – www.toprankblog.com

In this article Lee Odden introduces his 10 part series on how to optimise PR content to get wider exposure on the internet; for journalists and customers to find your content more easily. Read more…

TechJaws: Free SEO Tools and Web Analytics

Posted by Frank J on April 26, 2009 – www.techjaws.com

A selection of free SEO Tool and Web Analytics are available on the following article. read more…

OTR Podcast: Russell Wright on the future of SEO services

Posted by Eric Schwartzman on September 5th, 2008 – www.ontherecordpodcast.com & www.spinfluencer.blogspot.com

Russell Wright co-founder of ThemeZoom, an online marketing intelligence platform that takes a radical approach to search engine optimizing online content talks about the future of SEO services.

Wright is better known as “the keyword guy,”

Listen to the podcast here…

Some highlights of this podcast:

  • how to conduct SEO services with little to no budget
  • free tools to monitor web traffic for beginners
  • the most valuable information Google Analytics provides
  • possible vulnerabilities of Google and the engine Cuil
  • the social keywords versus business keywords
  • using keywords in URLs versus using Tinyurls
  • the profitability of online content


OTR Podcast: Chris Wilson on dirty little secret of social news sites

Posted by Eric Schwartzman on March 7th, 2008 – www.ontherecordpodcast.com & www.spinfluencer.blogspot.com

Slate.com reporter Chris Wilson reveals the dirty little secret about the mythical wisdom of the crowd behind these social news sites.

Listen to the podcast here…

Highlights of this podcast:

  • secret about user-generated content websites
  • pros and cons of social media websites
  • the public’s perception of Wikipedia and Digg
  • social news editing models Wilson thinks work best
  • the fate of print news publishing

OTR Podcast: Duncan Wardle of Disney, impact of social media on marketing

Posted by Eric Schwartzman on February 17st, 2008 – www.ontherecordpodcast.com & www.spinfluencer.blogspot.com

Duncan Wardle of Disney discusses the impact social media has had on marketing Disneyland Resorts in the digital era.

Listen to the podcast here…

Highlights of this podcast:
  • the promotional benefits of podcasting
  • appealing to younger generations impervious to traditional media
  • advice for PR professionals moving into the digital era